Here we are for 2023. Daily surf report and 2 day outlook. There is no update on Wednesday and Sunday  

Tuesday 28th November

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Remember: A veering wind clocks clockwise (eg: west veering northwest or east veering southerly) and a backing wind clocks anticlockwise (eg: west backing southwest or south backing southeast).

Wind Strength (simplified): Light <7mph, Moderate <18mph, Fresh <29mph, Strong <38mph, Gale <46mph, Severe Gale <54mph, Storm <72mph .

Porth Neigwl (Hell's Mouth) Surf Report: 28th November.  There was a light, offshore breeze at dawn. Waves were less than knee high as the tide filled.


High Tide: 28.11.23 8.00  4.7m.

The rest of today: The wind is forecast to remain light and variable today so it could come onshore at times. The surf may pick up a little as the tide drops off full but is unlikely to get bigger than knee high. 

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Outlook: Local wind is forecast to become more of a defined east, northeast or northerly through Wednesday and Thursday. The dropping tides may reveal some small surf but there is little WSW swell in our window at the moment. The depression moving north, to the west of Portugal, has a tiny amount of southwest fetch.  I do not expect more than knee high surf for a couple of days. I will keep an eye on that depression as it is forecast to deepen. Unfortunately, most models do not give it any open ocean, southwest fetch during this process as they run it too far to the southeast.         

Latest Met Office Inshore Waters Forecast:
Click here for the forecast.

Meteorological Office Surface Pressure Charts Link



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Hire equipment (Surfboards and wetsuits) are hired out on a first come basis and we often run out by 12.00. All hire equipment needs to be returned by 4.30pm - unless you are having it for a few days. Please note we can't do surfboard hire to under 18's or when the wind is stronger than force 6 - fresh to strong. We are restricted to one board per adult. Don't forget that the state of the tide plays an important role in wave quality and size at Porth Neigwl.