Tuesday 23rd of July
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High Tide:  23rd July:  13.20 (3.6m)
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Porth Neigwl (Hell's Mouth) Surf Report: The wind was lighter and has backed just east of south. The sea was still a mess though and jumbled, low tide waves were knee to waist high.
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Surf Forecast for the rest of the day: The wind is forecast to remain light and may back a few degrees further. The sea should slowly loose the disorganised confusion as the tide fills. 

Outlook For Surf: There is plenty of Atlantic action but I can't see many opportunities for clean surf.

Wednesday: A waving cold front is forecast to straddle the west of the UK. A general south to southwest flow is likely to accompany it so the continuing swell could be messed up.
Thursday: As the next deeper depression approaches from the southwest our wind may back east of south again. Any element of east in the wind will help clean up the small, residual swell. A solid swell, coming from this storm, is unlikely to arrive before dark.

Latest Met Office Inshore Waters Forecast:
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Quick Guide: Wednesday: am: Fair, pm: Fair, Thursday: am: Fair, pm: Fair.  

The Quick Guide is a subjective appraisal by West Coast Surf Shop of the surfing conditions at Porth Neigwl (Hells Mouth). Poor surf may be perfect for our surf school and beginners. It is based on surface conditions more than wave size because, in our opinion, a clean waist high wave is far better than a wind ravaged overhead one. It does not reflect conditions on other beaches which could be perfect while Porth Neigwl is Poor. There are 3 quick descriptions: GoodFair, and Poor. Good surf could be anything from knee high to well overhead so there may be times when beginners and less confident surfers still need to look elsewhere on the Peninsula for suitable waves.

Opening Times: We are open every day 10.00 - 4.30 (5.00 in high Summer) except Sunday 11.00 - 4.30 and we are closed on Wednesday outside school holidays. During good surf we may be a little late in. Call us if unsure 01758 713067.

We do not let hire go after 1.00pm as all hire equipment needs to be returned by 4.30pm - unless you are having it for a few days. Please note we can't do surfboard hire to under 18's or when the wind is stronger than force 6 - fresh to strong. We are restricted to one board per adult. Don't forget that the tide plays an important role in wave quality and size at Porth Neigwl.