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Pyzel Nugget 5' 10" Surfboard

Pyzel Nugget 5' 10" Surfboard

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Dimensions: 5'10" x 20 1/2" x 2 9/16"  33.6 Ltr. 


The Nugget was created for the surfer who wants an easy paddling, fast and responsive little board that can turn weak waves into fun, and works great in good waves as well. The stubby, wide nose (almost as wide in the nose as the tail), combines with a round tail to keep plenty of curve in the outline, making it loose despite its flatter rocker. The bottom has single concave with double dropped into it to help the wider board go rail-to-rail with ease and a touch of vee out the back adds to that even more. The flatter rocker and fuller thickness through the nose make this little board paddle great and glide through the weakest sections with ease. Designed to flow and have fun, everyday, in all kinds of conditions, the Nugget will always leave you smiling.