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Hamboards Pescadito Surfskateboard

Hamboards Pescadito Surfskateboard

Stock Status: In Stock

Length: 43 in

Width: 14 in

Wheelbase: 26 in

Weight: 12 lb

Wheel Diameter: 66 mm

Get locked in the moment.

Hold on to your rails because this rad little wave-washed board will push you to the edge of your imagination.  

This old school swallow tail fish shortboard is compact and responsive. Pescadito (Is Spanish for Little Fish) The pointed nose and swallow tail reminds you to respect the aggressive nature of this little “Bonita”.  If you’re not quite ready for the big size Hamboard Fish, this Pescadito brings you the same vibe in a smaller and snappier package.  

8 ply Baltic Birch is painstakingly laminated, decorated then topped with a durable UV Resistant Grip Coating that helps skaters stay securely rooted during heavy slides.  Barefoot friendly.