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BIC 5'10" FISH

BIC 5'10" FISH

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RETRO | Surf Performance & Style

Oxbow Retro Surfboards are designed by some of the world’s best shapers to guarantee high performance and ease of use. Gerard Dabbadie and Peter Pan has been instrumental in this philosophy.

The Oxbow surf range features our exclusive DURA-TEC construction technology and is the go to product for ‘ding-free’ performance in intensive rental settings as well as for beginner/intermediate riders who are looking for worryfree reliability in a wide range of performance shapes for riders of every size.

5'10" 20.50" 9.5 lbs 35L


FISH 5'10 comes with:

• Exclusive DURA-TEC Oxbow construction for extreme durability.
• Excellent value for money and worry-free reliability.
• Proven shapes by Gérard Dabbadie and Peter Pan for riders of all sizes.
• Closed cell PU inner core for structural integrity and board stiffness.
• Built-in nose guard to enhance product lifetime.
• Standard FCS fins come standard with every board.
• 100% Made in France = consistency and quality construction.
• Sustainable manufacturing facility and healthy working conditions.

Weight range : <154 lbs / <70 kg

The PROGRESS range features our exclusive DURA-TEC construction technology and is the go to product for ‘ding-free’ performance in intensive rental settings as well as for beginner/ intermediate riders who are looking for worry-free reliability in a wide range of performance shapes for riders of every size.

100% Made in our factory in France in precision engineered steel molds and sustainable manufacturing techniques for premium quality and extreme durability at a very affordable price. Proven performance and reliability !