Rip Curl Wetsuits

Rip Curl began making wetsuits in 1970 and have progressed to the current Flash Bomb. Most of the innovations they have introduced over the years remain in their wetsuits today. For a very good reason - they work. But they also accept that nothing humans make is perfect, so Rip Curl are constantly searching for new materials and better ways of doing it all. Coupled with their unmatched warranties and after sales service, we believe Rip Curl wetsuits are the best. But we're not alone. More world surfing champions have worn Rip Curl wetsuits than any other brand. What it all means is that cold is no longer the surfer's enemy in Winter. And to many people Rip Curl wetsuits are the answer to the surfer's prayer... To surf, on a cold, grey, wind-chilly Winter day - in perfect waves - and to go on surfing until you're tired, not cold. Today Rip Curl is still at the leading edge of surfing wetsuit technology - look at the Flash Bomb - and proud that their wetsuits are still made by surfers for surfers. PLEASE NOTE: We are not allowed to sell Rip Curl Wetsuits to Australia/NZ. We are happy to send you any other brand though.

Rip Curl Wetsuits

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol L/S Jacket (Orange/Charcoal)


2017 E-Bomb Rip Curl 2 mm Hood


Rip Curl Omega 3/2mm Wetsuit Glued and Blindstitch Blue arm


RIP CURL H-Bomb Power Heated Vest


RIP CURL Junior's Dawn Patrol 5/3mm Back Zip


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol L/S Jacket


Womens Rip Curl 2018 Dawn Patrol 5x3mm


RIP CURL Flash Bomb 3mm Hidden Split Toe Boot


RIP CURL 2013/14 Flash Bomb 5mm 5 Finger Glove


Rip Curl Madison 1mm Summer Wetsuit


Rubber Soul PLUS 3mm Split toe boot


RIP CURL Ladies Rash Vest


Rip Curl Women's G-BOMB 5/3mm - BACK ZIP (Black/White)


Rip Curl Womens Shorty Omega


Rip Curl Ladies Shorty Dawn Patrol




Rip Curl 2018 Flash Bomb Hooded 6x4mm Chest Zip


RIP CURL 2012/13 Women's Dawn Patrol 5/3mm Back Zip (Black)


5/3mm Flash Bomb 5 Finger 2018 Gloves


Rip Curl E-Bomb Zip Free Shorty


2017 E-Bomb Chest Zip 3 x 2mm


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Shorty Womens


RIP CURL 2013/14 Rubber Soul 3mm 5 Finger Glove


RIP CURL 2013/14 Dawn Patrol 2mm Surf Cap


RIP CURL 2016/17 Dawn Patrol Hooded 5/4 mm Chest Zip (Black)


RIP CURL Flash Bomb 3/2mm Chest Zip (Charcoal/Black/Green) WAS 290.00


Rip Curl Womens Omega 3 x 2 mm Wetsuit


RIP CURL 2017 Women's Omega 5/3mm Back Zip (Black)


RIP CURL 2012/13 Women's Dawn Patrol 5/3mm Back Zip (Blue/Black/Yellow)


RIP CURL 2018 Mens Dawn Patrol 5/4mm Hooded Chest Zip


Rip Curl2018 Flash Bomb 5/4mm Hooded


Rip Curl Womens Shorty Dawn Patrol 2/2mm Purple


Rip Curl 2016 Flash Bomb Neo Lycra Flash Lined


RIP CURL Women's E3 G-BOMB 4/3mm Back Zip (Black/Silver)


Rip Curl softsole hidden split toe flashbomb wetsuit boot 5mm


Omega 2017 5 x 3 mm Rip Curl Wetsuit


RIP CURL 2012 Women's E3 G-BOMB 3/2mm Back Zip (Black/Silver)


Rip Curl Classic Surf Cap 2mm


RIP CURL 2011/12 Flash Bomb 2.5mm Hood


Rip Curl 2018 Omega 5x3mm Wetsuit


Rip Curl Flashbomb 5mm 2018 Hidden Split Toe Boot


Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2mm 5 Finger Gloves


RIP CURL Flash Bomb 7mm Mitten


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2mm Back Zip


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 2mm Long Sleeve Shorty


RIP CURL Flash Bomb Hooded Vest


Womens 2018 Dawn Patrol 5/3mm Chest Zip


RIP CURL Women's Dawn Patrol 3/2mm Back Zip (Black)


Rip Curl Womens Flash Bomb Hooded 5/4 mm


Rip Curl 2016 G Bomb womens 5/3mm Zip Free


RIP CURL Flash Bomb 5mm Hidden Split Toe Boot


Winter 2018 Rip Curl Flash Bomb 5/3mm Zip Free


2017 Rip Curl Omega 3/2mm Back Zip


Rip Curl 2017 E-Bomb 543 Chest Zip Navy


2017 Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 53 Back Zip


2017 Chest Zip Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 53


Rip Curl 2018 Womens F/Bomb Hooded 6x4mm


Rip Curl Winter 2018 Back Zip Dawn Patrol 5x3mm


Rip Curl Zip Free G Bomb 53GB


Womens Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3 x 2 mm Back Zip (Orange)