C Skins Wetsuits

The world around us is ever changing but our mission will remain the same. Surf and get in the water as much as possible, progress the product and the sport, remember our heritage and inspire others to do the same. Your mission might take you all over the planet, please make sure you make surfing a part of it!

C-SKINS are a rider driven wetsuit company purely dedicated to creating the best surfing wetsuits on the planet.


C Skins Wetsuits



C-SKINS Legend 2mm hood


C-SKINS Angel 6.5mm Split Toe Ladies Boot


C-SKINS Ladies Cyan/Black/White Re-Wired 3/2mm Front Zip


C-SKINS LADIES HDi Poly Pro Vest - Long Sleeve


C Skin Angel 6.5mm round toe boot


2017 C Skin Surflite 5 x 3 mm


C-SKINS 2013/14 Junior's Legend 3mm Gloves


C-SKINS 2016 Surflite 5/3mm Back Zip


C Skin Wired 5 Finger 3mm Glove


C-SKINS HotWired dryknit 3mm Hood


C-SKINS Legend 5mm Round Toe Boot


C-SKINS Women's 2015 Surflite 5/3mm Back Zip