Nitro Thunderbolt 162 Splitboard Package

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This combined price includes the Voile interface which allows you to use your existing bindings. It also includes Voile skins. The reduced board and combined package price represents a SAVING of £235.00

The Thunderbolt Splitboard is Nitro’s ultimate backcountry snowboard, so you know it’s packed with futuristic tech and a proven shape. The LowRider camber and a tapered shape give you unparalleled power and tons of float in the deep stuff, but you still need to get back up. And as you probably know, that powerful camber maximizes grip on the skin track, so that won’t be a concern. If that’s not enough, Nitro threw in some superlight Koroyd inserts, so you can conserve precious energy on every single lap. If you’re a hard charging touring fiend, the Thunderbolt just might be your new best friend.The LowRider mellow camber maintains a traditional camber profile, with a lower rise between the bindings for a slightly more relaxed ride. The Koroyd hybrid core blends traditional wood construction with featherweight Koroyd inserts at the tips and between the bindings to reduce weight while still maximizing response. The Diamond Laminates up the response even further by adding a layer of carbon fiber underneath the topsheet for crazy pop and ridiculous edge hold. The directional shape features a tapered waist, so the tail is narrower than the tip, and an elongated nose that keeps the ‘Bolt floating. It’s built on Nitro’s Mountain flex, which is stiff and powerful, but still has just enough flex to let you slash hard turns with ease. Nitro also supplies the aluminum hooks and custom tip clips, which hold the paired halves tight when you’re shredding, plus, they make for quick changeovers. For the finishing touch, the Thunderbolt gets the Sintered Speed Formula II Base. This highly durable base is wax-infused and specially formulated to make it the fastest base in Nitro’s entire lineup. 




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Size: 162