RIP CURL H-Bomb Power Heated Vest

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Features Include:

+ 100% E3 NEOPRENE - 0.3mm The lightest, most flexible and warmest neoprene ever.
+ CERTIFIED TECHNOLOGY The vest uses our Ultimate certified technology from the H-Bomb Steamer, already 3 years in the water.
+ SIDE ZIP ENTRY Easy in and out, reduces stress on heating system.
+ ULTIMATE HEATING SYSTEM Our Carbon Fiber Heating System covers more than 4 times our competitors heating area.
+ SLIM-LINE POWER SOURCE New single battery system with built in switch. Rechargable lithium-ion 7.4v battey encased in engineered waterproof casing. Vibration controlled switch with built in LED light.
+ MARINE GRADE WATERPROOF COMPONENTS Uses Marine Grade Stainless steel, Military Standard seals, Gold Plated Pin connectors and non-corrosive Carbon Fibre. Our system is dedicated to In-water use.

What Rip Curl Says:
Introducing the H-Bomb heated vest into the H-Bomb wetsuit line. The H-Bomb vest uses the proven technology and durability of the H-Bomb full suits in a versatilie E3 vest that can be worn under any wetsuit. This is the absolute Ultimate in power heated vests and uses only the very best materials and components, and is water-proofed to the high standard needed for serious in-surf use.

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